South Tyneside COVID 19 Leadership Board: Terms of reference

Published 18th March 2021 An appendix of the South Tyneside Outbreak Management Plan

Terms of reference

18th March 2021
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18th March 2021
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As part of the Covid 19 recovery strategy the Government has instructed Local Councils to develop an outbreak management plan to support the NHS Test and Trace process. The Local Covid 19 outbreak management plan will respond to outbreaks within complex settings, notified to the Council through the local Health Protection escalation process via an alert system into the single point of contact email address: alongside notification to the Director of Public Health.

These terms of reference outline the leadership responsibilities of South Tyneside, led by Council supported by its partners in the ensuring South Tyneside residents carry out their civic duty, to comply with the rules in response to tackling this pandemic.

Public Health England (PHE)

PHE is responsible for the overall leadership and coordination of the health protection response to individual cases and outbreaks of Covid 19.

Director of Public Health

Under Section 30 of the Health and Social Care Act (2012) [Section 30] the Director of Public Health (DPH) is responsible for the LA contribution to health protection, including planning for and responding to incidents that present a threat to the public’s health eg Covid 19.

Other DPH functions relevant to communicable disease management include:

“be the person who elected members and senior officers look to for leadership, expertise and advice on a range of issues, from outbreaks of disease and emergency preparedness through to improving local people’s health and concerns around access to health services”

Environmental Health Team

The local authority environmental health team have a key role in the investigation of the source of infection in relation to both individual cases, and outbreaks, of notifiable diseases. They also have a role in relation to securing improvements if the LA is the enforcing authority. This role is carried out in liaison with Public Health England, and where appropriate, the Director of Public Health.

Covid 19 Outbreak Management Plan

The Covid 19 outbreak management plan is developed using 7 key elements, which identify key groups that are at increased risk to be the source of an outbreak such as schools, care homes and workplaces, therefore other colleagues across the Council, and the wider infection prevention control system will form part of the management board to provide their expertise to support the advice, planning and actions needed to develop and implement the outbreak management plan, and to provide information, advice and guidance to the operational outbreak control team(s).


The purpose of the Covid 19 Leadership Board is to work with the local population to ease lockdown measures to enable a bit more freedom, while working with the residents to fulfil their civic duty complying with the rules, and preventing a second wave. To develop strategic Communication plan to provide high level messages for the public to follow social distancing and comply with Civic Duty.


To engage the local population to understand and follow the rules to prevent a second wave of Covid 19 and further lockdown in South Tyneside. The Leadership Board will monitor the implementation of the outbreak management plan, seeking assurance on behalf of the system and sharing messages with the stakeholder and local population.


The Leadership Board will provide key strategic messages to the residents of South Tyneside to ensure maximum public engagement with the Covid 19 recovery plan. This will involve identifying a clear communication plan to motivate the residents of south Tyneside to actively engage with the NHS Test and Trace approach, self-isolating when symptomatic, accessing a test and providing relevant information to enable contact tracing to occur.

The Leadership Board will also promote social distancing measures as much as possible as a way to prevent a second wave and lockdown measures.

The Leadership Board will receive regular updates from the management board regarding latest outbreaks and key lessons learnt to inform the messages that need to be given out the public, to ensure compliance is achieved and future outbreaks are minimised.


Cllr Tracey Dixon
Leader of the Council, South Tyneside Council
Matthew Walmsley
Chair of STCGG, ST Clinical Commissioning Group
Cllr Joan Atkinson
Deputy Leader, South Tyneside Council
George Mansbridge
Corporate Director Regeneration & Environment, South Tyneside Council
Tom Hall
Director of Public Health, South Tyneside Council
Vicki Pattinson
Interim Director of Adult Services, South Tyneside Council
Matt Brown
Executive Director of Operations, ST Clinical Commissioning Group
Beverley Scanlon
Head of Learning & Early Help, South Tyneside Council
Sean Fenwick
Director of Operations, ST and Sunderland NHS FT
Cllr Anne Hetherington
Lead Member, South Tyneside Council
Dave Julien
Clinical Director, NHS South Tyneside CCG
Lorraine Nelson
Divisional Director, Sunderland City Hospital
Dr Gayle Dolan
Consultant in Communicable Disease Control, Public Health England
Hayley Johnson
Corporate Lead – Strategy & Performance, South Tyneside Council
Sarah Pitt
Chief Superintendent Area Commander, Northumbria Police
Paula Phillips
Service Lead Public Health, South Tyneside Council
Natalie Johnson
Senior Press Officer, South Tyneside Council


The Leadership Board will initially meet fortnightly until the plan is agreed, and then will meet monthly.


The Leadership Board will report progress and any areas for discussion to the Health and Wellbeing Board, along with establishing clear lines for communication into the regional oversight Group.

The North East Regional oversight group will be supported by Diana Terris who will act as the Regional Conveyor along with two other support staff, linking to LRF/SCG and Public Health regionally.

The North East Regional group will consist of the following members:

Diana Terris
Regional Conveyor
Terry Collins
Durham County Council Chief Executive
Tony Parkinson
Middlesbrough Council Chief Executive
Peter Kelly
Public Health England Regional Director DPH
Amanda Healy
Durham County Council Regional DPH Lead

Regional DAS and ICP members to be identified

Governance structure

Diagram of Governance structures